How to protect yourself from juice jacking

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Juice jacking is a type of cyber attack involving a charging port that doubles as a data connection, typically over USB. This often involves either installing malware or surreptitiously copying sensitive data from a smart phone, tablet, or other computer device.

Beware of Juice Jacking
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Simple ways of Protection:

  • Carry a Personal Charger
  • Carry a Backup Battery
  • Lock Your Phone
  • Power the Phone Down
  • Avoid plugging your phone into unknown charging stations and computers

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  • achilles resolute

    Juice is the most underrated security threats around it is serious nonetheless. Juice Jacking was stamp back in 2011 to describe such cyber attacks. This type of hacking allow hackers to inject malware into any smartphone using free charging spot as they use free charging spot as they use USB ports which makes it easier to transfer data and power over the same cable.

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